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My Hidden Voice

Abundant Life

How do we view the world where we live,
With fear and trembling inside?
Or do we see what God has promised,
When in truth and love we abide.

He said He would give us abundant life,
For that’s what He came to do,
But all around is destruction and death,
And murder and mayhem too.

What has gone wrong and what do we do,
To make this a better place?
To make this old world the way it should be,
A place where we all feel safe.

It seems overwhelming when first we see,
The way the world has become,
We know this is not the way it should be,
For it’s freedom we want for each one.

It all starts with us, one step at a time,
With Father God leading the way,
He promised that He would heal our land,
If we will repent and pray.

But selfish pride has got in our way,
We’re thinking of only ourselves,
The pathway to Hell is straight ahead,
As deeper and deeper we delve.

God, give us the strength to trust in You,
And do what You ask us to do,
If we seek forgiveness and do what is right,
I know You will see us through.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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