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My Hidden Voice

Adam's Sin

He said I shouldn't do it,
But I did it just for spite,
I knew that I had wronged Him,
And I couldn't make it right.

Now there I was in Paradise,
Quite naked in my sin,
The Father came to visit,
But I wouldn't let him in.

He said, "Where are you Adam?
I would like to have a talk."
But I was in the bushes,
Hiding out behind a rock.

He said, "What have you done, my boy?"
"Have you been picking fruit?
I told you not to do that,
So I'm giving you the boot."

But God our Father loves us,
Though we're often on the run,
And that is why He rescued us,
By giving us His Son.

He took responsibility,
For all the pain we cause,
And loves each single one of us,
In spite of all our flaws.

If we will just accept the gift,
Of God's eternal life,
We'll leave this world of sin behind,
And live in Paradise.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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