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My Hidden Voice

A Little Naked Button

I saw a little button that was cute as it could be,
And every time I looked at it, I thought it winked at me,
It sat upon the centre of a very perfect frame,
A girl so sweet and pretty, but she didn't have a name.

I watched that little button, just to see what it would do,
I knew it watched me back, as if it really, really knew,
That I was so in love with it, and just the way it was,
But that was all before I saw that little piece of fuzz.

A little piece of fuzz that sat upon that pretty spot,
A button I once loved, but now it wasn't all that hot,
A carpet in the centre of the button I adored,
I really was excited, but I now am really bored.

A patch of dark and fuzzy is a thing I cannot stand,
A thing that was so pleasant is a thing that now is bland,
A button with an overcoat, a sweater as it were,
That vision of her belly is thing that's now a blur.

I love that little button; I just wish it wasn't clothed,
With little bits of fuzzy, which is what I've always loathed,
I love a naked button, one that shimmers in the light,
A little naked button, that would be a great delight.

O, come back, little button, shed your clothes and look my way,
And I will always cherish you; just hold your fuzz at bay,
And never, ever let the threads of lint e're get you down,
I'll always love the naked you, 'tis better than a gown.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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