Humanitarian Poems


My Hidden Voice

All For One And One For All

Oft ignoring those around us,
As they suffer loss and shame,
Hiding in our secret chamber,
Won't excuse us of the blame.

Many hungry right beside us,
And we often walk on by,
For we feel they just disturb us,
We don't say, we just imply.

Why should we accept the burden,
Of the world in which we live?,
It's not us who made this happen,
Why do you think we should give?

We've been given many blessings,
Our abundance we should share,
Helping those who have so little,
All those living in despair.

One day we could be just like them,
It could happen just like that,
Watching others walk right by us,
As they leave us where we're at.

Don't be proud of your possessions,
After pride, there comes a fall,
Stand up tall and take this challenge,
All for one, and one for all.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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