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My Hidden Voice

Alone With The Shrink

"Look at this ink-blot and what do you see?"
"Men in white jackets are coming for me."
"Some see a rainbow and some see a ring,"
"God only knows, I don't see a damn thing."

"Look a bit closer and what can you tell?"
"Lock me up quick 'cause I think I'm in Hell."
"There is a story or there is a song,"
"Call me a liar, I think you are wrong."

Showing me ink-blots will drive me insane,
Doctors want answers when playing their game,
Thinking they know what goes on in my head,
I'll never tell them; they won't find a shred.

I am a secret that no one will know,
Hiding my feelings, not letting them show,
Making up stories to lead them astray,
Make them believe all the things that I say.

"I'll say 'desire', now what will you say?"
"I'll say I'm tired and don't want to play."
"Something is really quite wrong in your head,"
"Why don't you find a sane person instead."

Call him a 'Shrink', but I'll call him a liar,
Taking my money so he can retire,
I'm just as 'normal' as everyone here,
I'm not as crazy as what I appear.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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