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My Hidden Voice

Amazing Love

Amazing love, how can it be,
That God above came down for me,
To rescue me from all my sin,
And then He came to live within.

What have I done to earn His trust,
A man He made from simple dust,
Who played around in Satan's lair,
And yet He showed me so much care.

What can I do, His love to earn,
It seems I err, but never learn,
I trip and fall and can't get up,
Yet to my home He comes to sup.

The grace of God, a wonder be,
He breaks the chains and sets me free,
And there is nothing I can do,
He loves me fully, through and through.

The love of God, a mystery,
Yet I accept it gratefully,
And on the day I go above,
I'll live in His eternal love.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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