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A Metaphor Is Such A Bore

A metaphor is such a bore,
When it is overused,
And words that rhyme are out-of-line,
When they are so abused

And those cliches are 'here to stay',
And drive us all insane,
But we continue using them,
And so we're all to blame.

It's like 'we're on the same old page',
Or 'talking to the wall',
Don't mean to 'beat around the bush',
So please don't 'have a cow'.

A 'screen-door on a submarine',
Is such a useless thing,
And when I rant and criticize,
I'm 'going out on a string'.

For many disagree with me,
And say that I am wrong,
And then they 'go their separate ways',
And 'sing the same old song'.

A metaphor is such a bore,
When it is overused,
But I have trouble finding words,
So please have me excused.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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