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My Hidden Voice

And Still It Isn't Done

I haven't got the energy to do the things I should,
I need to get a few things done, and would if just I could,
But time slips by and gets away, and still it isn't done,
Although I promised it would be, by setting of the sun.

I know I said it once before and now I say again,
I'll try to get the ceiling fixed before it starts to rain,
But clouds are forming in the sky and still it has a hole,
And now the rain is coming down and it will take its toll.

The yard is just a muddy pond where children have to play,
And though I said I'd plant a lawn before the end of day,
I find there isn't any time with many things to do,
And I will get so little done before the day is through.

But there's 'tomorrow', not 'today,' and I will do it then,
I'll fix the ceiling; plant the lawn before you count to ten,
But you have counted many times and still it isn't done,
And though I try to do my best, I'm back where I've begun.

Please learn a lesson from my tale and don't procrastinate,
For if you do what I have done, you'll always come in late,
And have to formulate at lie to justify your deeds,
You'll not enjoy the home and lawn; instead you'll pull the 'weeds'.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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