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My Hidden Voice

A Pleasant Day

"A pleasant day, it seems" I said,
I've had my coffee, made my bed,
The morning paper I have read,
This day has started well.

I combed the hair upon my head,
Then went downtown to meet with Fred,
I tried to call, but he was dead,
His phone that is, his Cell.

And so I walked down to the park,
To spend some time 'fore it got dark,
The dogs there bite before they bark,
I ran, but then I fell.

I landed flat upon my ass,
In Poison Oak and not the grass,
I prayed that soon this day would pass,
It's really going to hell.

A pleasant day? - I kind of doubt,
It seems that I just have no clout,
With Karma, luck: what's that about?
They seem to say "Farewell."

Another day; I'll try again,
And hope this time it's not in vain,
A lousy day - It looks like rain,
In bed is where I'll dwell.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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