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My Hidden Voice

Back Home On The Living Foundation

There I stood on the side of the highway,
I was hitching a ride, doing it my way,
I was running away,
For I just couldn't stay,
Life was better out there on the highway.

I was searching for something to follow,
For my life was confused and so hollow,
Maybe over that hill,
I would find my next thrill,
For to go home, my pride I must swallow.

With my pride in the way, I kept searching,
All my steps, never smooth, only lurching,
For I stepped out of line,
With the One so divine,
And called time in God's house only 'churching'.

I was never sincere in the learning,
In my heart, His word never was burning,
Being cold deep within,
I was lost in my sin,
For some peace in my life I was yearning.

Then I came to a church in an alley,
Where the Lost came to eat and to rally,
God was waiting for me,
And He there set me free,
With those "Saints Marching In", I now tally.

Oh, the joy of complete restoration,
Every day I enjoy God's salvation,
No more running for me,
In my soul I am free,
I'm back home on the Living Foundation.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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