Poems About Technology


My Hidden Voice

Computer Logic

CSS on my PC,
My, oh my, what can that be?
CPU is Pentium 2,
Feeling ill and feeling blue.

MPG is what I see,
JPG and BMP,
AVI and GIF,
Sight and sound are blind and deaf.

Many things to comprehend,
I don't know, I just pretend,
I can turn it off and on,
After that, I do it wrong.

IP Address; what it that?
SSL and Internet,
All these things to learn and do,
Things I never will pursue.

What I know, is Pen and Ink,
Writing words to make us think,
Making pictures with my words,
I am no computer nerd.

I will write of what I know,
Make it rhyme and let it flow,
After that, it's up to you,
Find it boring; find it new.

Computers are for all those geeks,
Who make them purr and make them squeak,
As for me, please understand,
What I know, is what I am.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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