Poems Of Human Drama


My Hidden Voice

Dying In Vain

I am weaving through the traffic,
And I'm feeling rather fine,
For my thoughts are all but swimming,
In the beer and in the wine.

And I think I'm gonna make it,
And I think I'll be okay,
But the lines are getting blurry,
Now I know I'm gonna pay.

For I see the traffic moving,
And I hear their engines roar,
And they said I drank my limit,
But I knew I wanted more.

Now I hear the screech of tires,
And I smell the rubber burn,
I don't want to leave the Living,
But I know that it's my turn.

Now my breath is getting shallow,
And I'm looking for the light,
But the thing I see before me
Is a thing that gives me fright.

For there's darkness all around me,
And I know I'm going down,
And the water is around me,
And I know I'm gonna drown.

For I left the bridge a'flyin',
Very drunk and very pissed,
I was going to see my baby,
But the river's what I kissed.

Now the beer and wine inside me
Is diluted in the flood,
And my body's beat and battered,
And I'm tasting lots of blood.

So I live my final moment
With regret and searing pain,
For my time on earth has ended,
But my dying is in vain.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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