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Abecedarius Poetry

A Beautiful Chorus

A Love Story (ABC)

Alien Beings

Amorous Betty

Armed Battalions

Betrayed Love

Killings In Xanadu Zoo

The Critic

Labour and Industry

The Day Is Done

Human Drama

Creature In My Glass

Dark Reality

He Complained, She Survived


Looking For A Dollar

Love Crazy

Nature Boy

The Day The World Stopped

Up Ahead


Frozen With Fear

Ten Things......

Miscellaneous Poems

Coyote Serenade

Forbidden Fruit

I Might Succeed

I Passed Away Last Weekend

Land Of Silver, Sweat And Dreams

Letting You Go

Many Children (An Ethere)

Mourning (A Pleiades)

My Dearest Yesterday, I Have Found A New Love

My Mind Runs The Show

One With Nature (A Choka)

Riding The River (The Commute)

She Dwells In Luxury

Song Of The Prairies

Sun And Moon (A Diamonte)

Miscellaneous Poems

The Awakening

The Beat Of Ancient Drums

The Boy Within

The Spirits Of The Bison

The Vine

We Sleep Here Forever (A Tritina)

What Do You Do?

Where Are You, My Love?

Winter Mistress

Poems About Canada

O, Canada - The Land We Love


Amish Way Of Life

Grandma Remembered

Grandma's House

My Brother

My Father (A Tribute)

The Common-Place Stranger


GeeBee The Rooster

War and Peace

And God Commanded

Murder In The Name Of 'God'


Drowning In Society


Leaders Of Corruption

Who's Got Milk? -Beware!


One Of The Lucky Ones

To Her Daddy's Work Today


My Japanese Heaven

Now, No More Excuses

You Are Perfection


Age And Remorse (A Tetractys)

Bank Of Clay


Mountain Majesty

Pictures In My Mind

The Huck Finn In Us All

The Words Are Gone

Time Counts For Something

What Is A Poem?

What's In A Breath?



B. I. B. L. E.

Christ Our Redeemer

For One Such As Me (A Line Palindrome)

God's Love Was Not In A Hurry

Heaven's Gate (A Nonet)


It's Just Me, Lord

Searching For Answers

Serve Him

"The Lord's Prayer" For My Daily Life

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