Poems Of Human Drama


My Hidden Voice

Growing Up Angry

He's hiding in the closet,
And running down the hall,
With so much terror on his face,
For one who is so small.

For all he knows is violence,
And all he feels is pain,
Their marriage may have gone awry,
But he is not to blame.

And all he wants is safety,
And all he needs is love,
But when they feel their tempers flare,
They give the kid a shove.

Now every touch is hurtful,
And every word is cruel,
And even though they love the boy,
They're breaking all the rules.

They do not see the damage,
Their actions do employ,
Their son is feeling pain and loss,
Instead of feeling joy.

He's growing up so angry,
And when he is a man,
He'll be the product of his past,
And act like he began.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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