Poetry by Tanna Lynn Pekrul


My Hidden Voice

Hamlet (Act 1, Scene 2)

All things in life
I had known to be true,
now show themselves for what they really are.
A home I had once called
my own
lays dead, decayed.
All realities in which
I had treasured,
lost in a sea
of torment and rage.

Betrayed by a mother
I thought I had known,
a father,
lost to the grave,
a grave in which I now
ache to sleep
for eternity.

O Heaven, take my soul,
for I wish not to endure
the pain and sufferings
this corrupt world will bring upon me.
For if I do not die by my own hand,
darkness and despair will surely
envelope me.

by Tanna Lynn Pekrul - 1995

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