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My Hidden Voice

I Come To Give You Peace

You say that I am not around when things are going bad,
You say that I allow your suffering,
You say that I am distant and don't care what you go through,
And there is nothing good that I can bring.

You say that I'm not real and I am just a simple lie,
You say that all religion is a fraud,
You say that you can do without a sovereign, mighty Lord,
You say that you can do without a God.

Well, look around and see the things that happen in your land,
When governments and people take that stand,
And then they try to blame Me for the things that evil does,
Although it seems they've joined the Devil's band.

I come to give you freedom and I come to give you peace,
I come to give you My abundant life,
And all you have to do is to accept salvation's plan,
And I will rid you of your pain and strife.

The message is so simple and I want to be your Friend,
To rid you of the sin that weighs you down,
I sent My Son to rescue you and pay the awful price,
To raise you from the mire so you won't drown.

Please open up your door and I will come and sup with you,
And I will heal you of your suffering,
Accept the gift I offer you; eternal life with Me,
And you will never suffer Satan's sting.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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