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My Hidden Voice

In Jesus' Name?

They say they do it in Jesus’ name,
But is it really a fact,
That all these miracles come from our Lord,
Or is it only an act?

That many are cured, both sick and lame,
To be healed and released from their sin,
And is it illusion and slight of hand,
By men, so that wealth they may win?

They dwell in mansions, and live the fine life,
And ask the support of us all,
They're building up treasure on earth, as it were,
But set themselves up for the fall.

For God is not fooled; He knows who are His,
They'll answer to Him in the end,
They know what they sow, they one day will reap,
To Heaven or Hell He will send.

Believe in a miracle, if that’s what you need,
But remember from where they come,
As our Heavenly Father looks down from above,
And blesses us all, every one.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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