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My Hidden Voice

It's A Bridge

It's a bridge from 'Here' to 'Over There',
A bridge from 'Now' to 'Everywhere',
A bridge that calms and sometimes scares,
A bridge that we must cross.

It's a bridge of 'Future' and 'The Past',
A bridge that we will cross at last,
We'll cross it slow or cross it fast,
No matter what the cost.

It's a bridge that's standing in our way,
We have to cross; we cannot stay,
Although it's solid, it may sway,
And to our death may toss.

It's a bridge that's ever on our mind,
A bridge that's there for all mankind,
A bridge that may be cruel or kind,
Our winning or our loss.

It's a bridge that's 'Life' or is it 'Death'?
It takes away our very breath,
It gives us peace or causes stress,
But we must go across.

It's a bridge that's here for me and you,
For some it's old, for some it's new,
Yet it is something we pursue,
To stay here we are lost.

It's a bridge that causes us to stare,
It may be right or so unfair,
But that's the burden we must bear,
Of gold or maybe dross.

It's a bridge that's different from the rest,
To each their own, and that's the test,
To cross our bridge and do our best,
Go on, not gather moss.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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