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My Hidden Voice

Just A Blip (On The Radar Screen Of God)

We're nothing more than just a blip on the radar screen of God,
Compared to all His universe in space,
And yet He loves each one of us, which we may think is odd,
But that is just His way; amazing grace.

We're nothing more than shifting sand and flowers in the wind,
We're here today; tomorrow we are gone,
And we are so imperfect since the day that Adam sinned,
But still He loves us, though we do such wrong.

We're nothing less, through God's own Son, than children of our Lord,
We're authorized to be the sons of God,
As heirs of Christ and citizens of Heaven our reward,
We're lead by God's own shepherd's staff and rod.

There's nothing we can ever say; there's nothing we can do,
To earn a place in Heaven's banquet hall,
For Christ gave everything He had and took on Him our sin,
Now all we do is answer to His call.

There's nothing more we need to do, except to live for Him,
Take up our cross and follow all the way,
And He will satisfy our life with blessings to the brim,
And when we leave this earth, with Him we'll stay.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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