My Hidden Voice


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A Cowboy Named Walter

A Man From Killarney

A Store Clerk Named Sally

Bar Fight In Nantucket

Crockett And The Rocket

Fancy Nancy

Fish Caught In Nantucket

Goosey Lucy

Heather's Feathers

Jacko The Wacko

Leaky Teeky

Old Barber Named Sandy

Pretty-Boy Freddie

Rufus The Dufus

Run-Around Rose

Santa's Pantas

The Barmaid, Miss Kitty

The Dancer From France

The Gambler From Reno

The Gambler Named Brett

The Job In Kentucky

The Jury From Missouri

The Man In A Speedo

The Preacher Named Jerry

The Teacher Named Felicity

The Whaler And The Sailor

Tough Guy From Brooklyn

Wacky Jackie

Walkie Talkie

Wavy, Navy Man

Weazy Called Her Sleazy

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