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My Hidden Voice

Me And Ol' Sam

We live in the Bayou,
Jus’ me and ol’ Sam,
Eatin’ our grub
From the same fry’n' pan.

We’re two of a kind,
We both think the same,
We keep to ourselves,
Ain't lookin’ for fame.

Huntin’ crocs for the money,
And crawdads for fun,
Then lyin’ around
In the hot Bayou sun.

Jus’ workin’ enough
To make a small livin',
But some call us lazy,
And give us a ribbin’.

Jus' mebbee they're jealous,
That’s okay with us,
We’re happy this way,
So what’s all the fuss?

Enjoyin’ each day
In our shack on the bog,
My name’s Crazy Jake,
This is Sam, my ol’ dog.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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