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My Hidden Voice


The mystery of the universe, of God, the Earth and Hell,
The mystery of the spirit and the soul,
The mystery that is here today and then dismissed as myth,
The mystery that, once solved, will make us whole.

The mystery of the love of God; the mystery of the damned,
The mystery of Creation and The Fall,
The mystery of the Son of God who gave us all He had,
The mystery that will leave us feeling small.

The mystery of those things unseen and mystery of the shown,
The mystery of the ways not understood,
The mystery that will challenge and demand we find the proof,
The mystery that will end the way it should.

The mystery of the Ancients and the very modern too,
The mystery of the sinner and the saint,
The mystery of the age-ed and the mystery of the young,
Are mysteries for the strong and not the faint.

The mystery of the living and the mystery of the dead,
And mysteries every day and in between,
A universe of mysteries, and many more to come,
But they will never, ever, be routine.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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