Poems Of Spirituality/Faith


My Hidden Voice

O God In Heaven

O God in Heaven, look on me,
And see the man I am,
As one so weak in strength and faith,
A lost and wandering lamb.

O God in Heaven, talk to me,
And tell me what to do,
For only You can understand,
The things that I go through.

You sent Your Son to reconcile,
And save me from myself,
So I could live in victory,
No longer on the shelf.

O God in Heaven, hear my prayer,
I give myself to You,
I'll do whatever You may ask,
For what You say is true.

O God in Heaven, strengthen me,
So I can serve You best,
So I can follow all Your ways,
So I can past the test.

And live a life of victory,
No longer in my shame,
For that is why you gave Your life,
And that is why You came.

O God in Heaven, live in me,
And change my life today,
O, God in Heaven, answer me,
In Jesus' name I pray.


by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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