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My Hidden Voice

One Little Step

One little step, I'm going fast,
Seek the future, not the past,
One little step, I'm going slow,
Seek the things down here below.

One little step, I thought I'd see,
Things that were in store for me,
One little step, I'm falling down,
Very soon I'm going to drown.

One little step, that's all there is,
In my vision, hers or his,
So many dreams of living tall,
With a wife and children, small.

One little step, which way to go,
Do I die, or do I grow,
One little step to form my life,
Free from pain and free from strife.

One little step, I try to walk,
But each step he tries to block,
Tempter from Hell has hold of me,
Only God can set me free.

One little step, I'll walk with Christ,
He's the One who paid the price,
Stepped into Hell to set me free,
So that I can know who's me.

One little step to see His face,
Not in fear, but saved by grace,
One little step, I'm going home,
No more will I have to roam.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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