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My Hidden Voice

Playing With Fire

You say you have a Ouija Board,
You say it is a blast,
To talk to those who dwell within,
Know the future, read the past.

You say it is quite harmless,
That it's only just a game,
It really has no meaning,
And it really is quite tame.

But it is more than just a board,
You're playing with a fire,
For Satan wants your very soul,
And he will never tire.

He works in most deceptive ways
To lead us all astray,
And if it takes a Ouija board,
He'll surely find a way.

You're playing with what you know not,
And powers you can't see,
And if you let them get to you,
You never will break free.

For Satan wants to just destroy,
He isn't here to help,
He wants to turn your eyes from God,
Keep you trapped within yourself.

He knows if you reach out to God,
And let His Son shine in,
That he will surely lose his war,
And he will never win.

So if you really want the joy
Of communing with a Power,
Why not give your heart to God,
And make Him your strong tower.

For He will give you liberty,
And He will set you free,
He sent His Son to save the lost,
To rescue you and me.

So Satan will not have control,
And will not bring you down,
Accept the gift of life from God,
And you'll be Heaven bound.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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