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My Hidden Voice

Religion Counts For Naught

Religion is a man-made thing,
It really counts for naught,
If searching for a way to God,
Is what you've always sought.

For it can tell you how to live,
And it may make you 'good',
But it will never lead to heaven,
Like you think it should.

I hear you say, "How can this be?
It's how I have been taught,
Religion is the way to God,
That's what I've always thought."

But it is not religion, that
Will save us from our sin,
That makes communion with our God,
And makes us whole within.

It took a man named Jesus Christ,
The Son of God Himself,
To die in place of all our sins,
And save us from ourselves.

He is the final sacrifice,
He's God in flesh Who came,
To take our sins upon Himself,
Accepting all the blame.

Without Him we were gone astray,
And Satan had control,
But now we live in Him alone,
And now we are made whole.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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