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Poems Of Spirituality/Faith

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A Hypocrite On Judgment Day

A Man Of Great Simplicity

A Rainbow In The Making

Abundant Blessings

Abundant Life

Adam's Sin

All Over The World

Amazing Love

And Do It God's Way

And It Comes

And They Sang

Back Home On The Living Foundation

Choose You This Moment

Creation Or Evolution?

Daddy, What Makes Them Fly?

Damnation For The Snake

Darkened Caverns

Faith Without Works

Forgiveness Brings Freedom

Giving Thanks, Thanks Giving (A Palindrome)

God's Word

He Sees From Afar

Holy War

I Believe

I Believe In Man

I Come To Give You Peace

I Found The Grace Of God Today (A Pantoum)

I Had A Dream

I Know My Creator

I Serve The God Of Israel

I Testified For Him

I'm Forgiven

I'm In Love

I'm Saved

In Jesus' Name?

In The Mosques Of Middle East

It Is I Who Will Live With My Choice

Just A Blip (On The Radar Screen Of God)

Just As I Am

Looking For Some Truth

Lord, Hear My Prayer


Now That Is Love

O, God, I Needed You

O, God In Heaven

O, Heavenly Light

One Little Step

Playing With Fire

Pleading With God

Preacher Preaching, Spirit Speaking

Reflection In The Mirror

Religion Counts for Naught

Religion Is Religion

Satan's Promise

Soul Train

Take No Thought For Tomorrow

Thank You, Lord, For My Children

The Better Life

The Billboard

The Christ Of Calvary

The Lie

The Mountain Top

The Need To Worship

The Nemesis

The Proof

The Rocks Cry Out

The Sacrifice

The Skeptic

There Is A God

Welcome Home

When I Am Weak

Ye Devil Flee

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