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My Hidden Voice

The Beat Of Ancient Drums

The beat of ancient drums
penetrates our souls and gives us life.

They beat the rhythm of prairie Sweet Grass,
which bows to the summer winds
and is trampled by the buffalo,
telling of a life we once knew,
now gone forever.

They beat the path of the eagle,
majestic, powerful and free,
giving us strength and wisdom,
telling us to be strong and brave,
to look beyond our troubles,
to fly above our situations,
to hold strong to the ideals
of the freedom we once knew.

They beat the love of the Creator,
Who sustains us in our struggles
and shows us the way,
comforting us when we are weary of living
or wallowing in depression,
telling us there is an answer,
and showing us His many blessings
that we sometimes cannot see
through the hurt and pain.

Beat the drums loudly
so our people will know they are one,
with the same problems
and the same vision.
Let us not forget our ways,
but let us celebrate our culture,
learn from our Elders,
be a strong and proud people,
teaching our children
with wisdom and grace.

Beat the drums for our children's future,
that they will continue
to uphold the traditions of the Fathers,
and be proud of their heritage.

Beat the drums for all people
of all nations,
with a prayer to the Great Spirit,
that we will learn to live in peace
and understanding,
showing tolerance and patience,
so our children will have a hopeful future,
and our 'Old Ones' will pass over in peace.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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