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My Hidden Voice

The Nemesis

Please listen as I postulate,
The shambles of our present state,
For Satan is a reprobate,
So with my words I execrate.

For he is such a nemesis,
This baleful one we cannot miss,
Our terra firma is not his,
Although he acts as though it is.

His presence here is odious,
His accusations, captious,
He makes us lie and makes us cuss,
And do some things we can't discuss.

He's like a canker in our soul,
He fills our lives with pain and woe,
Vituperating what we know,
He tries to give our faith a blow.

He agitates our symmetry,
To keep us bound eternally,
But Jesus mitigates, you see,
And gave His life to set us free.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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